The What the Frock! Book of Funny Women (2015)

The What The Frock! Book of Funny Women will neither ask nor answer the question ‘Are women funny?’ because of course women are funny. To suggest otherwise is plain silly. This book presumes you know women are funny and simply seeks to confirm this fact and celebrate some of the wonderful women who have made us laugh for the past century or more.

Since launching in 2012, What The Frock! Comedy has gone from being a one-off show to a regular event that has expanded to several UK cities. Ultimately, it's about providing a platform to champion upcoming female comedy talent – so that when you ask someone to name their favourite funny woman, the answer isn't always a pause followed by, "Err, there is only Sarah Millican isn't there?"

With chapters delving into the rich and varied history of women in comedy, and more than 70 biographies of some of the funniest women over the past century (including almost 30 guest writers), The What The Frock! Book of Funny Women is the perfect book for comedy lovers.